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Meet the farmers @ viridian farms

Owned by Leslie and Manuel Recio, viridian farms is located on Grand Island, Oregon -- an inland river island encircled by the Willamette river and Lambert slough. The fertile land has been farmed for generations, and was originally homesteaded by the Rockhill family in the late 1800s.

Unconventional in our approach to row crop farming, we draw on our cultural backgrounds, travel experiences, and most importantly, our food experiences to guide our crop selections. The culinary origin of the over 100 unique herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables we grow are primarily comprised of varieties that are typical of the cuisines of France, Italy, and Spain — with a notable emphasis on Basque ingredients.

It is our passion for growing these varieties – and the reward of sharing them with others that motivates us to farm the way we do.

Everyone is involved in all facets of farming, from planting seeds to picking fruit and delivering it to chefs or interacting with visitors at market. In addition, we each have our own special areas of expertise; here are just a few members of the core team...




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