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Retail sales of our fresh produce are available at our Conserva culinary shop during the harvest season.

C O N S E R V A _ C U L I N A R Y _ B O U T I Q U E :

  • 10:30 am to 6:00 pm; Tuesday through Saturday..
  • Conserva is located at 1720 NW Lovejoy in Portland, Oregon between NW 17th & 18th.


O N L I N E _ S P E C I A LT Y _ S U P P L I E R S :
Several of our specialty vegetables, including the famous pimientos "padron" and calcots are available online for delivery anywhere in the USA via Tienda.com


Wait a minute, where is Viridian's booth at the market?
With the inclusion of the prepared food component (tapas & pintxos) of our 2015 booth, the Market indicated they could not keep us in the same location we've had for many years. We were moved in April to the center of the market, and although we tried our best to let everyone know of the move, the lack of visibility made a significant impact. Longstanding customers became upset because they had difficulty finding us. We voiced our concern several times to the Market, but it seemed nothing could be done to improve our location status. Our continued participation was unsustainable, so we therefore notified the PFM market management of our decision to not return to the market on Wednesday, May 6th.

We still remember setting up our market tents at Alber's Mill during the initial days of PFM -- but change brings opportunity. While it is unfortunate we will no longer be at market, it does free us up to focus on Conserva, and participate in some exciting collaborations we have planned with local Portland chefs. More info to come very soon!




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